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Physical Therapist

Posted 2 months ago


1.  Interprets philosophy and corporate objectives related to outpatient patients and their families, referral sources and community groups. 
2.  Perform all assessments, treatments and documentation per Agency policies and standards which include State and Federal regulations. 
3.  Develops, implements, evaluates and modifies clinical services under a physician’s plan of treatment. 
4.  Assesses patient’s rehabilitation needs by performing patient tests, measurements and evaluations such as range-of motion, sensory and manual-muscle tests, gait and functional analysis, under body-parts measurements. 
5.  Utilizes an Evidenced-Based approach to improve patient outcomes.
6.  Instructs patient and family members regarding rehabilitation treatment plan. 
7.  Assists in referring patients to other community resources as needed. 
8.  Maintains and enhances current level of knowledge relative to professional practice, as well as continuing education requirements necessary for licensure and certification. 
9.  Responsible for ensuring the safety of members and patients, recognizing and responds effectively in emergencies. 
10. Renders patient care with high degree of service excellence, which will be measured by family satisfaction surveys. 
11. Must consistently meet productivity guidelines, timely documentation requirements and agency expectations for clinical performance. 
12. Develops, implements, evaluates and modifies to patients under a physician’s plan of treatment. 
13. Utilizes an Evidenced-Based Chronic Illness Management approach to improve patient outcomes. 

The jobholder must demonstrate current competencies applicable to the job position.
EDUCATION:  Must be a graduate of an American Physical Therapy Association accredited program and hold minimally a Bachelor’s degree, preferably a Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy.
¨     State License: Current N.H. State Registration as a Physical Therapist
• Minimum of 5 years Physical Therapy experience.
• Working knowledge of state and federal guidelines for Physical Therapy.

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