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Medical Assistant/LNA

Posted 10 months ago


1.     Assignments include direct clinician support, vital signs, and floating to support areas including Lab, Pharmacy, and Nursing. 
2.     Functions within the MA scope of practice. Maintains continuing education credits and current certification. Maintains skills by completing all required clinical competencies and training at orientation, monthly, annually, and as needed for new equipment or procedures.  
3.     Incorporates Medical Home model of care into daily practice. 
4.     Provides clinician support, proactively anticipating needs with attention to pre-visit planning and optimal patient flow. This includes verifying that all information is available in the record for each visit – i.e. lab results, consults, hospital records.  
5.     Prepares patient for exam by obtaining and recording in the Electronic Health Record (EHR) vital signs (Blood Pressure, Pulse, Temperature, weight, and height), reason for visit, history of present illness, and an updated medicine/allergy list.  Reviews, and updates, and completes the Health Summary side of the chart as necessary. 
6.     Performs, and documents various aspects of patient care under the direction of the Clinician. Responsibilities include assisting with medical procedures, performing tests such as Electrocardiograms (ECGs), and Pulmonary Function Tests (PFTs) and providing patient instructions. 
7.     Administers medications as ordered by the Clinician, within the MA scope of practice and general supervision, with adherence to the “Rights of Medication Administration.”  
8.     Conducts timely pre-visit preparations and population management activities using the Electronic Health Record (EHR) “Reminders” system. 
9.     Works in collaboration with clinical and hall teams, meeting regularly to review schedule and discuss pre and post visit planning. 
10.   Collaborates with Nurses and Clinicians as appropriate. 
11.   Performs Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) waived lab tests according to established protocol. Prepares specimens for transport – i.e., obtaining, proper labeling of specimens and completion of necessary documentation. Performs venipuncture after training and demonstrated competency. 
12.   Maintain readiness of exam rooms including stocking supplies, cleaning, and room turnover. Cleans instruments after use and prepares them for sterilization. 
13.   Performs other duties including Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) as requested or assigned. 
14.   Demonstrates appropriate behavior along with the ability to seek guidance and support from appropriate resources. 
15.   Adherence to current evidence-based clinical guidelines, standards of care, and standards of practice, as applicable. 
16.   Attends monthly MA meetings. 
The job holder must demonstrate current competencies applicable to the job position. 
 EDUCATION: High school graduate. Successful completion of a Medical Assistant program.
EXPERIENCE: Previous experience in medical office preferred. 
1.     Knowledge of current medical office practices and protocols.  
2.     Knowledge of infection control, safety, and confidentiality practices. 
3.     Strong communication and customer service skills. 
4.     Strong attention to detail and accuracy, with concise and appropriate documentation. 
5.     Good organizational skills with the ability to prioritize tasks and complete assignments in timely manner. 
6.     Skill in maintaining a safe work environment with attention to infection control, safety and confidentiality policies. 
7.     Skill in performing clinical procedures including but not limited to Vital Signs, ECG’s and PFT’s.  
8.     Strong phone and computer skills. 
9.     Ability to maintain strict confidentiality and report any illegal or unethical act involving another employee or anyone acting on behalf of the organization. 
10.   Ability to work collaboratively with all members of the health care team and promote a positive work environment. 
11.   Ability to respond to ever changing environment reacts calmly and competently in emergency situations. 
12.   Ability to maintain effective working relationships with patients, medical staff and the public. 
13.   Ability to communicate clearly and effectively in person, in writing, and by phone. 
14.   Ability to comply with established policies and procedures. 
15.   Ability to recognize deviations from normal with respect to vital signs and patient overall presentation and reports appropriately.  

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