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Smokin Bear BBQ

67 Ellsworth Hill Road Wentworth, NH 03282
(603) 960-1981

A unique mobile BBQ catering experience in New Hampshire

Smokin Bear BBQ’s team offers a wide range of meats, seafood, sides and appetizers for your event.

With Bear’s mobile catering BBQ pit, all you need is a flat, level area for Bear to set up and create your very own, one-of-a-kind NH BBQ experience with Smokin Bear BBQ!

For those of you new to real BBQ, this isn’t your dad’s backyard grilling. In fact, it is not grilling at all. No frozen burger patties or burned chicken here! BBQ is cooked using hardwood smoke and indirect heat, compared to grilling with charcoal or gas using direct heat. Smokin Bear BBQ is cooked using New Hampshire Beechnut, Sugar Maple, and Apple wood, low and slow for hours—never charcoal or gas—to achieve maximum flavor and tenderness. All Smokin Bear BBQ meats and seafood are hand-rubbed with Bear’s secret blend of herbs and spices. A truly delicious NH BBQ experience!

Smokin Bear BBQ is licensed and insured. The state of New Hampshire requires a 9% meals tax.

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