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Peppercorn Natural Foods

43 Main Street, Plymouth, NH 03264
(603) 536-3395
“Peppercorn has never felt like just a store. People come here when they need guidance and help with health issues. Sometimes our guests come for a hug, a chat, or to show us their new baby.” – Ashley Suckling, Co-owner

Opened in 1976 by three friends, Deanna, Lorrie, and Maggie, Peppercorn Natural Foods has been a gathering place for community members as much as it is a place to buy bulk spices, local produce and dairy, and nutritional supplements. Fast forward to 2014, when mother-daughter duo Cindy Williams and Ashley Suckling bought the store; they knew it was important to preserve the legacy of the previous owners while bringing in new products to stay competitive with larger stores and the rise of online shopping. To do this, Cindy and Ashley have stocked the store with locally sourced and unique items ranging from local eggs, ethically raised meat, homemade granola, and even handmade jewelry by a former Peppercorn employee.

With a “get it here first!” attitude, Peppercorn also stocks a variety of natural, cruelty-free personal care products, including local Cardigan Mountain soaps and bug sprays, handmade shampoo bars, and non-toxic cosmetics. The owners have also recognized a growing demand for sustainable products that are sourced, packaged, and purchased with the health of people and the planet in mind. For Ashley and Cindy, this creates a “community within a community… we buy produce, meat and product from many local makers, growers and farmers. We support them, and the community supports us”.

The very best part of Peppercorn is the people. The people who shop here, work here, and live here.

— Ashley Suckling, Co-owner

3 Little Known Peppercorn Facts:
1. Housed in a small, former train station, Peppercorn offers a wide range of pantry staples, natural household products, and fair-trade coffee in bulk bins, encouraging customers to bring their own containers to refill as needed. You can even purchase shampoo and conditioner in returnable, refillable aluminum bottles from Plaine Products, a company designed for a low-waste circular economy.

2. Shopping and eating locally can have a big impact. Ashley says, “Every dollar spent generates twice as much income for the local economy. Local food is fresher, tastes better, and has more nutrients. Money spent here goes back to local banks, local businesses, local brokers, local schools, plumbers, tradespeople, nonprofits, charities, shelters, community food closets, and more!”

3. Ashley and Cindy sell some of their own spice and tea blends in the bulk section, including an everything bagel inspired seasoning mix and a deliciously comforting tea blend for a better night’s sleep. You can even make your own tea blend from the wide selection of organic teas, herbs, and dried flowers in their bulk spice section.