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Downtown Project – Plymouth NH

Downtown Plymouth Construction Projects

From May through November 2023 and in spring 2024, two infrastructure projects will be underway in downtown Plymouth relating to water, sewer, and drainage.

Stormwater Drainage System

The Town of Plymouth is rebuilding the stormwater drainage system in the South Main Street and Russell Street area. This project will involve removing the century-old system and replacing it with new catch basins and pipes. To meet current environmental standards, a stormwater detention pond will also be constructed near the skateboard park.

Water Mains & Sewer Lines

Plymouth Village Water and Sewer District, a separate municipality that serves water and sewer infrastructure in Plymouth, is removing existing water mains and sewer lines and installing new ones. In a few locations they will be installing “cured-in-place” liners in the sewer system rather than removing and replacing the existing lines.

The Town of Plymouth and Plymouth Village Water and Sewer District (PVWSD) have selected a single contractor, Granese and Sons, Inc., to make the project more efficient, and they are making every effort to keep the public informed about what to expect.

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