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Last year our winter carnival was WET! We set out some Great games like Ice Bowling, Ice Golf and DAM if we didn’t have enough warm wet weather to throw some water on our fun. Not that we didn’t have fun, as we sure did! Ring toss, Stein Holding, relay race and just enjoying food from Sunset Grill, Friends old and new some new games even if we didn’t get a chance to golf or bowl. This year we are moving the winter carnival back just a bit to get some better cold, Fingers crossed!

12:30 Go sledding down Walker Hill, Sarah will lead the pack
at 5:00 we will bringing the food, and start with some games,
Keg Toss, This time on the ice!
Ice Bowling, This ain’t NO 10 pin experience.
Super-Solo-Beer Race, a competition for those filling drinks in solo cups during the Superbowl.
Ring Toss, Big Rings, Big Kegs, Good Luck!
Masskrugstemmen, Yep bringing it back, Hold that beer at arms length, last one standing wins.
Ice Putting, so much for the fish!

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