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The White Mountain National Forest (WMNF) is a recreation destination for hikers around the world. With over 1200 miles of trails, the WMNF sees 5 to 6 million visitors a year, and numbers are on the rise! This rise in visitation has also brought an uptick in the number of search and rescue incidents as more and more unprepared hikers hit the trail.

The Trailhead Steward Program targets prevention of Search and Rescue incidents through direct contact with hikers BEFORE they begin their hike. Trailhead Steward volunteers staff busy WMNF trailheads on weekends throughout summer giving hikers important safety and weather information. Come learn what it takes to become a Trailhead Steward Volunteer and it’s sister program, Backcountry Stewards, who take the important safety messages on the trails. Work at your own schedule throughout the summer months, there are hundreds of shifts to chose from.

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