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The Master Chorale is thrilled to perform for live audiences Eric Whitacre’s “The Sacred Veil.” His gorgeous score provides an elegiac counterpoint to Silvestri’s words, which deal with stages of love, life, and loss with inspiring directness.
“[The] lyrics are used to evoke Silvestri’s concept of a thin veil that separates the past from the future, the living from the dead, the temporal from the eternal. A simple concept intellectually but packed with mystery and complexity as a lived experience. Whitacre’s musical setting of the lyrics uses simple melodies played by the piano and the cello to provide a ground for the sometimes straightforward, sometimes soaringly complex choral parts.”
—Classical Candor
Masks and Vaccination required.

$30 Adults $25 Senior
$Pay what you are able
Online at nhmasterchorale.org or at the door
Free admission for students in grades

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