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Pemi-Baker Hospice & Home Health is pleased to announce a six-week Grief and Loss Support Group series, commencing on Tuesday, January 30, 2024.

The series, led by Hospice Spiritual Counselor and Bereavement Coordinator, Guy Tillson, will explore the theme “The Impact of Loss on Our Lives.”

Loss, in its various forms, affects individuals in profound ways, influencing personal and family concerns, physical health, social relationships, financial and material needs, emotional reactions and responses, and self-care and spiritual issues. The support group will feature brief presentations by Mr. Tillson, with the primary focus on fostering open discussions and sharing among participants.

The sessions will be held in the upstairs Art Room at the Plymouth Regional Senior Center, accessible by elevator. The series does not strictly follow a curriculum but serves as a platform for addressing the unique needs of the group participants. The experience of loss, whether through death, sudden unemployment, divorce or separation, or relocation, will be approached with sensitivity and understanding.

Details of the Grief and Loss Support Group Series:

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