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Waterville Valley Resort Association has created a fun new family-friendly activity – the Golden Antler Adventure Hunt.

Ten golden moose antlers are hidden in different locations around Waterville Valley. Participants must find all 10 locations, take photos in front of each location, then go to the Waterville Valley Recreation Department during regular business hours to redeem a prize (a limited-edition keychain). To redeem the prize, participants must show photos in front of each location. 

Start date:  Saturday, Feb. 17, 2024

End date: Ongoing until further notice (probably through fall 2024 or longer)

ADVENTURE HUNT INFO ONLINEhttps://www.visitwatervillevalley.com/adventure-hunt

SHARE PHOTOS TO SOCIAL MEDIA:  @visitwatervillevalleynh #WatervilleValleyAdventureHunt

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