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Dowsing is more than seeking water with a forked stick!

Today’s dowsers are energy workers on all levels with varied styles and tools. What do YOU seek? Wellness, water, wealth, career, home, relationships, items, a new path or rediscover your innate wisdom? Do you want to clear personal blocks? Clear non-beneficial energy in your life, home, land?

You can learn these skills and more in the virtual (on Zoom) in the ASD workshops and presentations this June 9-13, 2021. Discover more about the convention and sign up at https://dowsers.org/convention-and-conferences/

The American Society of Dowsers (ASD) annual convention June 9-13, 2021 will feature world-renowned speakers, including Eileen Day McKusick and Raymon Grace, sharing their knowledge with you. From the curious to the experienced everyone will find bounties of useful information. 1-hour presentations to 3-hour workshops as well as evening events make this a *can’t miss* experience. Morning Meditations, Yoga, Vocal Toning, and more are included with registration. Opening Ceremonies include White Eagle and Turtle Mother on Thursday. A full-day Dowsing Basics Foundation School and other workshops are extra (beginner kits and other tools may be purchased).

Discover more and sign up at www.dowsers.org

To arrange interviews of dowsers, contact Lisa at info@dowsers.org or 802-684-3417.