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This online support session will meet the first Wednesday of the month to discuss various caregiving topics. You will be able to connect with others, learn more about the ups and downs of at home caregiving, and discuss any issues related to the monthly topic. Some feel privileged to serve a loved one at their most vulnerable time. Many also feel afraid, tired and overwhelmed at times. And most people feel it all in one day. It’s okay; these feelings are normal.
The important thing is to have the tools and resources you need to cope with the natural ebb and flow of your emotions. We encourage you to join us for support during this challenging time. Sessions will be held once a month with a limited number of attendees.
Attend once or as often as you’d like.
Contact us to register and we will send you easy to follow instructions on how to connect to the meeting through video chat or phone.
For information or to register call Guy Tillson:
603-536-2232 or email: info@pbhha.org

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