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Pemi-Baker Community Health (PBCH) is excited to announce that the Waterville Valley charity event, “Battle of the Sexes Tennis Tournament” will be held on the outdoor, clay courts on Sunday, September 19th 2021. Doubles men’s teams will compete against doubles women’s teams in hour long battles on the court as well as competition for overall moneys raised for PBCH’s Palliative & Hospice Care.

The generosity of our players, sponsors, and donors has raised $30,000 over the past six years for PBCH and hopes are high for bragging rights this year. You can join in the fun by registering your doubles team; players are participating from all over the state. In past years, Pirates, Roaring Twenties Flappers, Cowboys and Pink Diva costumes have added to the fun and given players point advantages. Players can also ‘buy’ mulligans / serves during play which of course adds to the proceeds and fun.
There are many other ways to get involved if you don’t want to battle it out on the tennis court. An auction site has been set up to buy raffle tickets for wine baskets, photography/artwork and more. You can also help your favorite team win the ‘Moneys Raised’ competition by donating on the auction site towards your favorite team: ‘Men’ or ‘Women’.


If you would rather be a spectator watching the shenanigans and banter, we encourage you to join us courtside on the 19th. Teams will be competing from 2-5pm and prizes will be given out at the after-party at the Wild Coyote Grill located in the White Mountain Athletic Club. Raffle tickets can also be bought courtside during the competitions and at the after-party.
For more information about how you can get involved, please visit our website: www.pbhha.org and look on our events page.

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