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The Lakes Region Mental Health Center invites you, our greater community of supporters, to join the 28.2 Mile Walking Challenge. We’ll be walking (running, hiking, rolling, etc.) in an effort to raise funds for our mission – to provide integrated mental and physical health care to children, adults, elders, and their families who are living with – and recovering from – mental illness in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire. Every mile you move and every dollar you raise will go towards better care for people with mental illness.

Why 28.2 miles? In 2023, Mental Health America reported that nearly a third (28.2%) of all adults with a mental illness were not able to receive the treatment they needed. This statistic motivates us to work harder to de-stigmatize mental health challenges and minimize barriers to accessing mental health care.

We all know the positive impact that moving your body can have on your mental health! Join the Walking Challenge and start making a difference today.

Follow these simple steps to join our 28.2 mile Walking Challenge:

Follow the link to automatically create a fundraiser through Facebook. We take care of all the details for you! Share to your Facebook page and encourage others to donate and/or participate!

Link: https://www.facebook.com/fundraiser/with_presence/create_dialog/?challenge_id=1097517248160627&default_beneficiary_id=3099671123660878&default_beneficiary_type=charity&prefill_type=fundraiser_for_challenge

Join our 28.2 Mile Walking Challenge Facebook Group to connect with our community, track your miles, and learn more about Lakes Region Mental Health Center.

Link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1183236196416989/

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