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Swimming Holes

You’ll find secret and not-so-secret swimming holes throughout the Lakes & White Mountains Region. Popular swim spots include:

  • Lower Ammonoosuc
  • Emerald Pool
  • Garnet Pool
  • Big Eddy
  • Smarts Brook (about 7’ deep, 25’ wide. Very accessible.)
  • Welton Fall (shaded, about 45’ long and 15’ wide.)
  • Franconia Falls (a “waterpark”)
  • Gem Pool (cold due to elevation)
  • Diana’s Bath
  • Lower Falls (often crowded, slide along the Swift River by the Kancamagus River)
  • Cascade Brook
  • Sabbaday Falls
  • Jigger Johnson
  • Old Hole (condos visible)
  • Indian Leap (behind a restaurant)
  • Livermore Falls (large beach by river, frequented by college students.)
  • Sculptured Rocks

Swim at your own risk; few, if any, of these spots have lifeguards.