Swimming Holes

Upper Ammonoosuc

These falls are only 8′ at their highest, but the currents below the main plunge are very dangerous, so stick to swimming in the adjoining pools and gorge.

Lower Ammonoosuc

Swimming here is excellent, and much safer than the upper falls. Lower Ammonoosuc is the biggest swimming hole in White Mountains and it is also handicap accessible.

Emerald Pool

– Garnet Pool (140’ feet long and too narrow until widening into a pool 12’ by 20’…About 8 ft. deep in center)

– Big Eddy

– Smarts Brook (about 7’ deep, 25’ wide. Very accessible.)

– Welton Fall (shaded, about 45’ long and 15’ wide.)

– Franconia Falls (a “waterpark”)

– Gem Pool (cold due to elevation)

– Diana’s Bath

– Lower Falls (often crowded, slide along the Swift River by the Kanc)

– Cascade Brook

– Sabbaday Falls

– Jigger Johnson

– Old Hole (condos visible)

– Indian Leap (behind a restaurant)

– Livermore Falls (large beach by river, frequented by college students.)

– Sculptured Rocks