Mountain Biking & ATV

The following bike routes in the Pemigewasset Ranger District were developed in cooperation with local and area bike shops, clubs and enthusiasts. The routes were selected to appeal to a wide range of user abilities in settings which are compatible with other resource values and uses. Some of these trails are not maintained. Please tread lightly!


1. Tripoli Road

This is a Forest Service maintained road connecting Waterville Valley and Woodstock. It is unpaved from Russell Pond Road to approximately the high point near the Osceola Trail. To ride from Waterville Valley, park at the Livermore Parking area. The paved road climbs gradually then more steeply to the Thornton Gap (Elev. 1519). Here the road turns to dirt as it descends down to Russel Pond Campground access. Continue downhill on the pavement to I-93 and NH Route 175. There is no formal parking area on the Woodstock side, but the route can be accessed by Exit 31 from the Interstate. From Tripoli Road, there are a number of logging roads and trails, some described herein, which can be explored.


Livermore Parking to end of pavement: 2.7 mi

To Russell Pond Access Road: 7.7 mi

To Route 175/I-93: 9.7 mi


2. Greeley Ponds Route

Park in Waterville Valley at the Forest Service parking area at Livermore Road. To get there, take I-93 N Exit 28 and follow NH Route 49 to Waterville Valley. Turn left onto Tripoli Road. In 1.0 mile bear right at the “Y” intersection, leaving the main road to the Ski Area. Turn right onto West Branch Road (.5 miles). The parking area is just beyond the bridge on the left. Ride through the barrier rocks near the poster board to Livermore Road. Follow Livermore Road .5 miles to the Greeley Ponds Trail which leaves left, just beyond the Depot Camp clearing. The first 1 mile of the trail follows an old logging road with some rough but rideable sections. At 1 mile the trail leaves the logging road and becomes a narrow path which crosses several bridges. At 2.5 miles, the path bears left and crosses the Mad River for the final time. (Do not go straight following the blue diamonds; this is a cross-country ski trail.) The trail from this point to the first pond is rough and requires a mixture of walking and riding.


From trailhead to first pond: 2.7 mi

Level of Challenge: Advanced


3. Livermore Road

Park at Livermore Parking Lot as described in Route #2. The first three miles of the route follow a maintained gravel road with several mountain views. At the junction with the Snow’s Mt. Road, the road narrows and the surface becomes rougher. (Note that Snow’s Mt. Road is part of the Waterville Valley Fee System, and you will need a trail pass if you turn right on this road. See Waterville Valley Permit Trails #11.) Continue straight on Livermore Road. Past the site of Avalanche Camp (open field on the left) the road becomes more grass grown and climbs more steadily toward a hairpin turn (left) where the Mt. Tripyramid Trail intersects. At this point climbing becomes steep and more technical. After a steady climb the trail flattens and crosses Flume Brook. In all but the dry season the remainder of the trip to the Livermore Pass is not recommended, since it crosses very wet ares.


Parking Lot to Snow’s Mt. Rd.: 1.8 mi

To Avalanche Camp: 3.0 mi

To Flume Brook: 4.7 mi

Level of Challenge: Advanced Intermediate


4. East Pond Route: From Tripoli Road

Park at the small parking area just off Tripoli Road, 5.4 miles east of I-93, or 4.3 miles west from Livermore Road in Waterville Valley. Follow a maintained logging road for .25 miles to the start of a single track. Cross East Pond Brook and climb steeply to the Pond. From the Pond the trail swings left and climbs very steeply to Scar Ridge. Much of this will involve pushing or climbing with very low gears.


Tripoli Road to E. Pond Brook: .8 mi

To the Pond: 1.4 mi

To Scar Ridge: 2.1 mi

Level of Challenge: Expert


5. East Pond: From Kancamagus Highway

Park at the trailhead at the Kancamangus Highway (NH 112), approximately 8 miles east from Exit 32 in Lincoln. The trail climbs gradually on an old RR bed to a crossing of Pine Brook, which is a problem in high water. The next section of trail is a steep, technical climb with lots of pushing to Scar Ridge.


Kancamangus to Pine Brook: .8 mi

To Height of Land: 2.8 mi

Level of Challenge: Expert


6. Little East Pond Route

Follow East Pond trail for .4 miles, turn left on an old RR grade, which heads west, crossing several small streams to a crossing of Clear Brook. After this crossing the trail bears sharply right, leaving the RR grade. The next section is steep, requiring considerable technical climbing, and some pushing (may be ridden on the descent) to the pond.



East Pond Trail to Little East Pond Trail: .4 mi

To Clear Brook via RR grade: 1.0 mi

To end of RR grade: 1.3 mi

To the Pond: 1.9 mi

Level of Challenge: Advanced Intermediate


7. Dickey Notch Trail Route

Park at the Welch/Dickey Mountain parking area, located off Oriss Road in Thornton. To reach the parking area, follow NH Route 49 from Exit 28 on I-93, for 6 miles. Make a left on Upper Mad River Road crossing the Mad River. In .7 miles Oriss Road diverges right (“Welch Mountain” sign). Follow this road for .6 miles and take a short right fork to the parking area. Follow the Dickey Mountain trail straight, past the “bike trail” arrow. The trail follows an old logging road uphill to a beaver pond where a single track begins from the right. The trail is marked by yellow blazes and climbs gradually to a knoll, then descends to an old logging yard, which is located at the end of Forest Service Road #23A in Mill Brook Valley. Follow the bicycle logos along logging roads to the Brown Ash Swamp Trail #8, or follow directions below for loop.


Parking Lot to logging yard: 1.7 mi

Logging Yard to Brown Ash Swamp Trail: 5.2 mi

Level of Challenge: Expert

Loop Option:

To loop back to the Welch and Dickey Parking Lot, follow the Forest Service Road 23A from the log yard. Bear left at the first intersection. Pass through the gate and take a right on to Mill Brook Road back to Route 175. Turn left on 175 and travel south for approximately 2.5 miles to Upper Mad River Road. Turn left, ride 3.5 miles to Oriss Road and the Dickey/Welsh Mountain Trail sign. Turn left to the parking lot.


8. Brown Ash Swamp Route

From Waterville Valley, either park at the Livermore Trail parking lot, or drive Tripoli Road (See description Trail #1). Turn left onto Forest Service Road 31 which is gated. Or from I-93, Exit 31, bike or drive Tripoli Road and park on the road side near FSR 31. Follow the bicycle symbols along FSR 31 to the single track, woods trail which begins left at approximately 2.0 miles from Tripoli Road. The woods trail climbs steadily to an intersection with an old logging road. Turn right and descend to the portage of Mill Brook and the Dickey Notch Trail. To continue on to Dickey Notch Trail, follow the logging roads and bike logos as described for Trail #7.



Livermore Parking Area to FSR 31: 6.2 mi

Route 93 to FSR: 3.4 mi

Road #31 to Single Track: 2.0 mi

Single Track and Old Logging Road to Mill Brook portage and Trail #7: 3.6 mi

Level of Challenge: Expert


9. Smarts Brook- Tri Town Route

Park at the Smarts Brook Trail Parking Area on Route 49, approximately 5.2 miles from Exit 28 on I-93. Follow the gated Forest Service road, climbing gradually to the Tri Town Trail which intersects right. (The Smarts Brook Trail continues along the main logging road and intersects the upper end of the Tri Town Trail at 1.4 miles) Follow the Tri Town Trail to its intersection with the Smarts Brook Road. (Note: at .5 miles the road portion of the Tri Town Trail stops at a clearing. Continue straight, do not turn at the clearing.) Turn right onto the Smarts Brook Road and travel 350 degrees to the intersection with the Yellow Jacket Trail. Turn left and cross Smarts Brook on a foot bridge. Bear left. Follow the single track to the intersection with the Old Waterville Road. To return to the parking area, turn left and descend to Route 49, then left to the parking lot. To ride the length of the Old Waterville Road, turn right, climbing to a high point and descending to Route 49.


Smarts Brook Road to Tri Town Trail: .3 mi

Tri Town to Smarts Brook Road: 1.1 mi

Yellow Jacket Trail to Waterville Road: 1.8 mi

Waterville Road to Route 49 (short route): 2.1 mi

Long route: 4.3 mi

Level of Challenge: Advanced


10. Thornton Gore Route

Park near the intersection of Route 175 and Thornton Gore Road, which is located .5 miles north of the KOA campground on Route 175. Follow Thornton Gore road (away from the highway), continue to bear left beyond the sign to “Little Portsmouth.” Continue to bear left on the road. Pass a Forest Service gate and follow Forest Service Road 423 straight past a right hand bend in the road (See trail #17) to a crossing of Eastman Brook at 3 miles. Continue uphill on the Talford Brook Road to an intersection with Tripoli Road. Make a loop by going left onto Tripoli Road and continuing down hill west. Look for a gated trail (FSR 426) and turn left. The trail crosses Eastman Brook and rejoins Forest Service Road 423. There is an old mill site at this intersection. Cross the stream and go right. Follow Forest Service Road 423 and Gore Road to pavement and return to Route 175.



Route 175 to FSR Gate on FSR 423: 2.4 mi

Gate to Eastman Brook Portage: 3.0 mi

Portage to Tripoli Road: 3.5 mi

Tripoli Road to Gated FSR 462: 4.6 mi

FSR 462 gate back to FSR 423: 5.5 mi

FSR 423 and Gore Road to Route 175: 8.8 mi

Level of Challenge: Intermediate


11. Waterville Valley Permit Area

This system uses trails on the National Forest maintained by Mountain Valley Bikes under special use permit. Telephone 603-236-4666. Bike rentals, repairs and maps are available.

Level of Challenge: The level of experience varies throughout each section of the system.


12. Loon Permit Area

This system uses trails on the National Forest under special use permit to Loon Mt. Recreation Corp. A fee is charged for its use (for current rates call 603-745-6281). Rentals and repairs are available at the “Barn” which is located across from the gondola. A map of this trail system can be obtained from Loon Mountain and is recommended.

Level of Challenge: The level of experience varies throughout each section of the system.


13. Bog Pond Route

Parking is located by traveling 2.5 miles north out of North Woodstock on Route 3 and then turning west onto Hanson Farm Road, opposite the Longhorn Restaurant. There is a small parking lot at the end of this road. The trail goes under I-93 and bears left onto a snowmobile trail, then parallels I-93 south for a short distance. Follow the main snowmobile trail, bearing to the right toward the woods. The next section of trail is an uphill climb with loose rock; then, bearing to the right, it contours the land. Follow the trail, going through the next intersection, to the Bog. There are views of Franconia Ridge and Mount Pemigewasset from the Bog.


Hansen Farm Road to Bog: 3.1 mi

Level of Challenge: Intermediate


14. Gordon Pond Trail

Park at North Woodstock town hall located on Route 112, west of the village. Follow Route 112 for 1.2 miles to a Forest Service trail sign. Turn right on a driveway, and follow past buildings .1 mile to an unmarked cross road and turn right. Follow the trail to the powerline at the 1/2 mile marker, and continue following arrows for the next two turns. At 1.1 miles, the trail intersects a logging road from the left. Turn left onto the logging road; at 1.7 miles, the trail crosses a brook, and at 2 miles, it crosses a second brook. At 3 miles, an advanced rider section of the trail begins with several carry sections. Follow the trail to Gordon Falls at 3.5 miles. Continue on to Gordon Pond at 4.3 miles. Return to the parking area by the same route.

Distance: To Gordon Pond: 4.3 mi

Level of Challenge: Expert (1st 2 miles OK for beginner)


NOTE: There are several side trails and logging roads that intersect the main trail. Stay on the main trail. the trail begins on private property. Observe the No Trespassing signs and stay on the trail. This trail may be relocated in the near future.


15. Chickenboro Brook Route

Follow directions from I-93 shown in Route #9 description and park at the Smarts Brook Trailhead or turn right at Sandwich Notch Road and drive approximately .9 miles to a gated Forest Service Road on the right. This is Chickenboro Road (FSR 206). This route climbs gradually to a large open field. Prior to the crossing of Chickenboro Brook, look for a narrow path which leaves right and follows downstream to a portage. This crossing is only difficult in high water. Beyond, the route follows an old woods path, rough and rocky at times but rideable. Within sight of a seasonal house, the route recrosses the stream on a snowmobile bridge. Follow the improved dirt road back to Goose Hollow, bearing right to route 49. Follow the main highway (right) back to the starting point.



Gate to open field: 1.5 mi

To second crossing of Chickenboro Brook: 2.7 mi

To Route 49: 3.2 mi

To Sandwich Notch Road: 3.7 mi

To gate: 4.6 mi

Level of Challenge: Intermediate

16. Timber Camp Trail

Follow directions to the Greeley Ponds Trail as described in Route 2. Timber Camp Trail leaves the Greeley Ponds Trail (left) approximately 1 mile from the junction with Livermore Road, just beyond Goodrich Rock Trail. The Trail traverses the south flank of Mt. Osceola, climbing moderately for .7 mile over waterbars to a fork which leads right .3 mile to a dead end. The left fork climbs steeply to “High Camp” (sign), for spectacular views of Painted Cliff and sweeping vistas from Mts. Kancamangus to Tripyramid. Maintained by WVAIA.



Trailhead to end of right fork: 1.0 mi

Trailhead to “High Camp”: 1.6 mi


Level of Challenge: Expert

17. Jeep Road Route

This route connects Route #8 and #10 and may be used to combine or lengthen the trips associated with these routes. Follow Route #10 description to FSR 423. Instead of continuing straight to the crossing of Eastman Brook, stay on the improved road (right). The improved section currently ends at a log yard and continues as an old woods road, climbing somewhat steeply to its intersection with Forest Service Road 31 and Route #8.



Trail Route 10 to end of improved road: .4 mi

To Road 31 and Trail Route 8: 1.8 mi


Level of Challenge: Intermediate to Advanced

18. Peaked Hill Pond Trail

To locate the trail and parking, travel north on Route 3 turning left at Motel #93. At the Forest Service “Peaked Hill Pond” trailhead sign, follow the dirt road which will go beneath I-93. Go right where the road forks and park along the road near the Forest Service gate. Do not block the gate. The access road under I-93 is not maintained and is prone to icy conditions. Alternative parking along this road is limited. Please do not block access or park in the motel lot. The route climbs gradually, via a logging road, through open fields, through a stretch of woods and into a field near Mud Pond. Either bear right just before the second field, and follow the old trail around the edge of the field, or go through the field to the right woods edge where a logging road resumes on the other side of a steep mound of soil. Go left and continue climbing over large water bars until the trail levels off at 1.8 miles. Go right at the fork and travel downhill to Peaked Hill Pond. Return the same way. There is steep climbing on the trail but it is 100% rideable. The first section of the road from the gate to the woods edge is on private land. Stay on the road. Peaked Hill Pond is privately owned. Please respect the rights of the land owner.



US Route 3 to the Gate: .5 mi

To field: .8 mi

To pond: 1.8 mi

Level of Challenge: Advanced Intermediate


19. West Branch – Forest Service Road 378

From Exit 29 on I-93 northbound, take a right turn onto US Route 3. Proceed south on Route 3 through the underpass and take the first right at the top of the hill — Adams Farm Road in the town of Thornton. Forest Service Road 378 starts at the first left turn onto a gravel road. Park along Adams Farm Road. Proceed up the road and around the the Forest Service gate. Follow FSR 378 along the West Branch River, to a fork where the improved road continues right and a rougher woods road bears left. Stay to the left, close to the river, crossing the Ellsworth Bog bridge and continue uphill to Ellsworth Village Road. Either reverse direction or continue on Ellsworth Village Road to the intersection of Ellsworth-Stinson Lake Road (paved). Turn left and follow the road to Route 3. Go left on Route 3, travel 2 miles to Adams Farm Road, make a left to the starting point.



Adams Farm Road to FSR 378: .4 mi

To Intersection of unimproved road: 2.6 mi

Ellsworth Village Road: 4.4 mi

Ellsworth Road: 4.6 mi

US Route 3: 8.6 mi

Adams Farm Road: 10.0 mi

Level of Challenge: Intermediate/Advanced

20. Ellsworth Pond to FSR 348 to FSR 112

Parking is limited for this route, due to the proximity of private lands. Some parking is possible at the old Schoolhouse-Town Hall in Ellsworth, near the intersection of the Ellsworth-Stinson Lake Road and the road to Ellsworth Pond. Ride through Ellsworth Village, past the pond for 1.3 miles. Look for Forest Service Rd. 340 on the left just before the dead end. Travel around the gate. Continue up hill to a clearing where the snowmobile trail crosses the headwaters of West Branch Brook, left. A logging road continues right. Dismount and cross the stream. Continue straight onto a single track and follow it .7 miles, descending to a clearing. Bear right at the clearing onto FSR 112 and follow the improved logging onto the Ellsworth-Stinson Lake Road. Turn left and return to the starting point



Schoolhouse to FSR 348: 1.3 mi

Gate to Stream Crossing: 2.0 mi

Stream Crossing to FSR 112: 2.7 mi

FSR 112 to Ellsworth Rd: 3.7 mi

Ellsworth Road to Start: 5.5 mi

Level of Challenge: Intermediate

21. FSR 113 to FSR 215

Park at Forest Service Rd. 113, which is located by Stinson Lake Road toward Stinson Lake. Turn right onto the road which intersects just before reaching the lake. Travel 1.1 miles to FSR 113. Park along Doe Town Road. FSR 113 is gated; do not block the gate. Follow FSR 113 and bear left onto a narrower logging road. Follow the road around Mead Pond, bearing right at the intersection with a snowmobile trail and into a clearing. Bear left at the clearing and follow the trail uphill through the trees. The next 1 mile section of trail descends steeply, following a snowmobile trail until it intersects with FSR 215. Go left onto FSR 215 and follow it back to the Ellsworth-Stinson Lake Road. Go left, following the road back to the parking lot.



From Gate FSR 113 to large clearing: 2.3 mi

Clearing to FSR 215: 3.3 mi

To Ellsworth-Stinson Lake Road vis FSR 215: 4.7 mi

Ellsworth-Stinson Lake Road to FSR 113: 9.9 mi

Level of Challenge: Advanced/Expert


22. East Rumney – Campton Bog Road

Park near the Smith Covered Bridge, located off NH Route 25 in West Plymouth. It is accessible from Exit 26, I-93. Cross the covered bridge and travel west on Quincy Road (paved) to E. Rumney Road. Turn right. This route is a dirt road with several hills. Follow the road east until it intersects with Route 3. You will go under I-93 and turn right onto Route 3 south, back to Fairgrounds Road. Turn right onto Fairgrounds Road following it back to the Smith Bridge.


Smith Bridge to E. Rumney Road: 2.3 mi

Rumney Road-Bog Road to Route 3: 11.3 mi

To Fairgrounds Road: 14.0 mi

To Smith Bridge: 17.8 mi

Level of Challenge: Intermediate/Advanced


23. Warren-East Haverhill RR Grade

Park at the Missle (near fire station) in Warren, and look for the “Jesse Bushaw Memorial Trail” sign. Follow State Snowmobile Corridor No. 5 (an abandoned railroad grade) past the old quarry to Swain Hill Road. Either turn left for a short distance to Weeks Crossing Pond, or continue straight, following the railroad grade to East Haverhill and Route 25. From Weeks Crossing, return to the Missle by reversing direction or follow Swain Hill Road, back to Route 25 in the town of Warren. From East Haverhill back to the Missle it is best to reverse direction on Corridor No. 5, or pre-position a vehicle at E. Haverhill. Note: It is possible to travel from the town of Plymouth to the start of this route vis State snowmobile Corridor No.’s 8 and 5.


Missle to Swain Hill Road: 2.5 mi

To Weeks Crossing: 2.7 mi

Swain Hill Road to E. Haverhill: 6.7 mi

Weeks Crossing to Missle

via Swain Hill Rd. and Route 25 5.3 mi

Level of Challenge: Beginner/Intermediate

24. Meader (Wachipauka) Pond

From Weeks Crossing (See Route #23), continue straight on Jeep road. Gradual climbing becomes steeper at 4 miles. Continue downhill past the Forest Service boundary sign, to a fork at 1.4 miles and bear left. Continue to Meader Pond at 2.0 miles.

Level of Challenge: Intermediate


25. Tunnel Brook Trail and North South Road

From NH Route 25 west, bear right onto the road to the Glencliff Home for the Elderly. Continue 1 mile to the North South Road and turn left. The North South Road is not maintained for winter travel and is closed from Dec-May. Follow North South Rd. for .7 miles to the Blueberry Mountain Trail head for best parking. Ride south on the North South Road, back to the Tunnel Brook Trail. Follow the trail, crossing several brooks, past a small camp on the right. The last brook crosses the trail at .9 miles. Continue past a pump house and small pond. Climb steadily until the trail meets the first of several ponds. Follow the trail around the ponds, and then descend gradually to a dirt Forest Service Road 7. Here, reverse direction or continue on the dirt road to the intersection, and bear left on the Noxon Road. Follow the Noxon Road until it intersects with the paved main road (NH 116). Go left to the North South Road which intersects from the left. Follow the North South Road, climbing to the height of the land, and then descend to the Blueberry Mt. Trail.



Blueberry Mt. Trailhead to Tunnel Brook Trail: .4 mi

First Stream Crossing: .9 mi

To Mud Pond: 2.0 mi

To Forest Service Road 7: 3.5 mi

To Noxon Road: 5.9 mi

To NH 116: 8.3 mi

To North South Road: 8.5 mi

To Blueberry Mt. Trailhead: 15.1 mi

Level of Challenge: Expert

26. Blueberry Mountain Trail

Follow directions to trail from the Route #25 description. Follow the trail .2 miles, then bear to the right as the trail gradually climbs through the woods, passing several open ledges.

Distance: 1.8 miles

Level of Challenge: Expert


27. Chandler Hill Road

Park at Robartwood Pond (Bog Pond.) This is reached by following Bog Road from Exit 27 on I-93. From parking area, continue on Bog Road and turn right onto Chandler Hill Road, just past the sugar house. After climbing steeply the road intersects the Berry Farm Road. Turn right and follow the main road past the apple orchard to the intersection with the Ellsworth-Stinson Lake Road, near the Armont Inn. Turn right onto the paved road and travel east to Route 3 south. Ride south on Route 3 to Campton Bog Road and turn right to return to Robartwood Pond parking.



Route 3 to Robartwood Pond: 2.5 mi

Pond to Chandler Hill Rd: 3.0 mi

Intersection with Berry Farm Rd: 4.7 mi

To Ellsworth-Stinson Road: 5.9 mi

To Route 3: 7.6 mi

To Campton Bog Road: 9.5 mi

To Robartwood Pond: 12.0 mi

Level of Challenge: Intermediate


28. Beebe River Road

Parking is located by following I-93 to Exit 28 North. Turn right at the intersection to 175 S. Go south on Route 175 to the Campton Historical Society. Park at the Historical Society so as not to obstruct other vehicles. Take the steep hill (Hogback Road) which is a gravel road. Follow this to Perch Pond Road. Turn right and ride to the covered bridge and turn left onto a dirt road. Climb the steep hill and bear right at the fork, still climbing. Descend to an intersection and bear left. Do not cross the bridge. The road follows the Beebe river, along the old railroad bed and ends at Sandwich Notch Road. Both Beebe River Road and Sandwich Notch Road are driveable by vehicles but are closed to traffic through the winter. Either reverse direction or follow the Sandwich Notch Road to Sandwich or Thornton (See route description #29).


From Campton Historical Society to Hogback Road: .1 mi

To Perch Pond Road: 1.0 mi

To Covered Bridge: 1.5 mi

To Beebe River Road: 2.6 mi

Sandwich Notch Road: 8.1 mi

Level of Challenge: Beginner

29. Sandwich Notch Road

The road from Sandwich to Thornton is one of the last roads whose location and character remain essentially unchanged from the eighteenth century, when it functioned as part of the main trade route from the seacoast to the north country. It can be ridden from either end. It is unpaved except for short sections. The road climbs steadily to the high point with several short, steep grades. Loop possibilities include combinations of Beebe River Road with local and state highways but distances are quite long. The alternative is to preposition a vehicle. There are short side trips to Kiah and Upper Hall Ponds which may provide attractive lunch stops. Parking is located at either end of Sandwich Notch Road. From the Thornton side, park at the Smarts Brook Parking Area (See Route #9 description.) From Smarts Brook turn left on Route 49 and travel 1.2 miles to the Notch Road. To reach Sandwich from I-93, take Exit 24. Follow Route 3 east through Ashland to Route 113 in Holderness. Go left onto Route 113 at Squam Boats. Travel 12 miles to Center Sandwich. Once in Sandwich, follow the signs to Sandwich Notch Road. Drive up Sandwich Notch Road 2.4 miles to the Mead Base Camp Road. Park at this intersection.

Note: This road is narrow with many blind curves and cyclists should be alert for vehicles, especially in the foliage season.

Distance: 8 miles one way

Level of Challenge: Intermediate

30. Flat Mountain Pond Route

This route may be combined with Beebe River Road (See Route #28), for a full day’s ride or from Guinea Pond trailhead on Sandwich Notch Road, approximately 5.7 miles from Center Sandwich. From Beebe River Road, turn right at the intersection with the Sandwich Notch Road and cross the bridge over Beebe River. The trail takes off from the left. Park so as not to block the gated road. The first section of trail follows a road to the old railroad bed, at a power line clearing, and follows the grade along Beebe River, through the wetlands to a junction with the Black Mountain/Mead Trails. Ahead is a beaver pond and four brook crossings which may present problems during high water.

Look for alternate trails which have been constructed around the pond and wetlands. The trail joins the Flat Mountain Pond Trail and turns north, still on the old RR grade, crossing several brooks and the Gleason and Bennett Street Trails, which lead into the Sandwich Range Wilderness. After several more brook crossings, the trail makes a hairpin turn right near an old beaver pond, turning sharply southeast and then north to Flat Mountain Pond. Note that the eastern boundary of the Sandwich Range Wilderness follows the west and north side of the trail for the last part of the ride. Please remember that mountain bikes are not permitted in the Wilderness Area.


Sandwich Notch Road to Mead Trail: 1.6 mi

To Flat Mountain Pond Trail: 4.0 mi

To Flat Mountain Pond Shelter: 8.0 mi

Level of Challenge: Intermediate to Expert